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Gaami (2024)
Inde, 2024, 2h 27min
Gaami is a film directed by Vidyadhar Kagita that follows the journey of a young boy named Gaami, who lives in a small village in India. Gaami is a talented artist and dreams of becoming a successful painter one day. However, his father wants him to focus on his studies and take over the family business.
As Gaami struggles to balance his passion for art with his family's expectations, he meets a group of rebellious artists who encourage him to pursue his dreams. With their support, Gaami begins to create beautiful paintings that capture the essence of his village and its people.
As Gaami's reputation as an artist grows, he faces opposition from his family and the conservative members of his community. Despite the challenges he faces, Gaami remains determined to follow his passion and prove to everyone that art is his true calling.
Through Gaami's journey, the film explores themes of tradition, identity, and the importance of following one's dreams. Gaami must navigate the pressures of society and family while staying true to himself and his artistic vision.

Gaami (2024) streaming complet

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